For Today

Not enough money!

I’m still working on the Upgrades screen. Today, it now displays a “not enough money prompt” and the remaining money (see the circled), which in this game, I thematically called “Shards”. What ate up my time is turning the NGUI objects to 2D Toolkit. The environment is NGUI (because I need the inertial scrolling), but the objects are in 2D Toolkit. This is not a good mix. There are nasty scaling going into the 2D Toolkit objects because of the way NGUI handles things. 2D Toolkit’s way of maintaining textures is just cleaner in my opinion. I don’t want to have a font texture atlas in 2D Toolkit then another one in NGUI. NGUI sucks at this because it creates another texture when you generate its font instead of reusing the atlas made by BMFont. That’s it for now. Working with UI stuff is really boring me =)


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