It looks disabled

I’ve observed from players testing my game that they are not selecting the Dark Knight, even though it’s available. The reason? It looks disabled. I was using a generic sprite as placeholder and just tint it with colors for different units. The Dark Knight was colored dark gray. Big mistake! Finally, I have come to fix this.

Each one now has unique placeholders
Each one now has unique placeholders
Had to fixed it in the game as well

Since it’s Saturday and I got lots of time, I played with Master Audio a bit. I have task logged “Play Main Theme in scenes other than the Gameplay scene”. This is a perfect time to test this baby out. Master Audio is an Assert Store product that acts as a director/system for sound effects and game music. It was on sale some time ago for $12 and it’s just sitting on my Unity Asset Store account.

This is the first time that I’m using it and I have to say that I’m still a little bit confused how to use this thing. I managed to play the main theme and switch to the battle theme when on the gameplay scene. This extension has lots of controls and jargon. There’s this Group Mixer then there’s Playlists and Playlist Controller. I’m using code to trigger playing/stopping sounds. Most of the time I’m like “Why didn’t it play? It played a while ago.” Then I found out that I had to adjust the “Retrigger Percentage”.

Look at all those controls!

But despite the confusion, I have faith in this product. I’m just having “first time use blues”. I can’t perfect it the first time. I’m just glad that it didn’t cause some random error or crash, and it’s not really that disruptive of my workflow. It works well with my multiple scene setup.


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