Updated Irene And a New Enemy Guy


I updated Irene such that the building slots at the left side are adjusted to the right so that they would not be covered by the minimap. You may find this weird but I name my levels using female person names. I highly discourage naming levels using sequences such as “Level 1”, “Stage C”, “Room A-b”, etc. If you do, and later you decide to change the sequence of levels, you’re kind of screwed. Now, you have to rename the levels to reflect their new sequence. You may choose not to rename them but that will only add to the confusion. For example, you’re debugging your game. You reached the 3rd level and you checked the level name. It says “Level 6” and you’ll be like “Why is this Level 6 again?”

The new Irene. This is the fifth level.
The new Irene. This is the fifth level.

So save yourself from the pain. Name your levels with something else that doesn’t say anything about its sequence. Names of cats or dogs perhaps. You can easily create a configuration data file in xml or json that dictates the sequencing of levels.

    <!-- Band names? -->
    <Level name="The Killers" />
    <Level name="Eggboy" />
    <Level name="Up Dharma Down" />
    <Level name="You Say Party! We Say Die!" />
    <Level name="Eraserheads" />
    <Level name="Metallica" />
    <Level name="One Direction" />
    <Level name="My Bloody Valentine" />
    <Level name="Grouplove" />
    <Level name="Cults" />

A New Little Enemy Guy

The robots are on a roll. They sent another set of sprites again. This is the strongest of the little guys.

The strongest of the small guys
The strongest of the small guys

And that’s it for today.


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