Updated Difficulty of Levels

I test played the later levels of the game yesterday and found that some have become too easy while others are impossible. Let me tell everyone that the tasks that take up the most time is level designing, at least in this game. Adding a game feature is fun and takes less time. Level designing is the real time sucker. I have made some tools to help me in making levels. It still takes time. How much more if I hadn’t created the tools. This is one of them.

My Wave Editor
My Wave Editor

The main purpose of this tool is to help me design the timing of enemy spawns. See that Spawn Curve? There shouldn’t be a time where it’s too high nor staying flat for too long. I didn’t include it in the screenshot, but there are more computed data like total power of the wave, life spawned per second, total reward, total enemy units, etc.

I’ll post about my other tools when I’ll start creating levels again. There’s this one tool that I’ve made that’s really cool. It gives me a combination of enemies that meets a certain criteria like total power value, and the number of unique enemy types to generate. This tool uses genetic algorithm.


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