Final Set of Polishes

Got a new background for the title screen. It’s now so pretty.

Title screen with background
Title screen with background

The resource orbs that is acquired when destroying an enemy is now animated. I figured that it’s not so apparent and it’s not so obvious to the players how much orbs he/she earns.

Acquired orb getting bigger
Acquired orb getting bigger

I also got this beautiful world map that will be used to replace the current one. But I didn’t integrate this yet because it looks ugly with the current level selector. A level should be represented with a flag or shield or something. Not a mere circle with a number.

World map
World map

I already gave the build with the recent polishes to a friend who’s going to show this game to publishers. Fingers crossed, I hope somebody does take an interest to our game. For now, I’ll get back to Banana Tree. I’m really excited with it.


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