Lots of Updates

I’ve made a lot of updates since the last two weeks. But I still can’t release these babies as there are missing essential art assets.

New Tile Sets

First of on the barrage of updates is the new tile set. The first level is a mess since we started working on this. This is how it looks like now:

Look! It's a town!
Look! It’s a town!

The image for the empty slot is still in the works so I still used the old one. But looking at it now, it’s hard to determine whether that thing is ‘tappable’ or not. I also requested to my artists to change the color of the corrupted ground from brown to something else as most of the enemy units are brown, too. This is the main reason why I can’t release the updates yet. New players may not be able to play it properly.


In layman’s terms, persistence is basically ‘save progress’ feature. I’ve written a separate article about the system that I’ve used. Everything that needs to be saved are already implemented (level progression, upgrade resources, upgraded items, etc). I’ve used an SQLite wrapper called SimpleSQL. I specifically selected this one among the many other SQLite solutions as it is cheap and works well in Unity free version.

New Level Select Map

The level select map looks so much better now. The image is bigger than the game screen so I had to implement camera panning to it. This is how it looks now:

Bigger map! Looks pretty too!
Bigger map! Looks pretty too!

I hope from here, the player could visualize the journey of the game’s protagonists. I can’t tell anything about the story yet.

Critical Strikes and Camera Shake

I really love camera shakes and I feel stupid that I haven’t implemented it in this game. I added the concept of critical strikes to defender units. I used a floating number that represents a chance to hit a critical strike for each unit. It gets resolved whenever they attack. The camera shakes when they perform a critical strike. In addition, the game also shows a more fanciful graphical effect on attack to its target. I also made the camera shake on use of some spells. It’s a cheap trick but it made the game look more exciting.

Voice Response on Unit Creation

Remember in RTS games where the units say something when you select them? I really like that. It gives the units more life and personality. I can’t help but add some to this game. As of now, they say something as soon as they are created. I plan to add more like when they die, upgraded, or when the player assigns a new rally point.


Honestly, I can’t wait to release these updates! I just have to wait for some key art assets. A new game version should be up in no time by then. So stay tuned.


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