Mar 17-22 Updates

New Tutorial Sequence

I’ve shown the game to a lot of people by now. When I’m showing it, I don’t want to specifically point out to the player what he/she should do. I’ve always wanted my games to show itself how to play it. In this aspect, my evaluation so far is not so good. I’ve spent the beginning of this week changing the initial tutorial.

Now it says where to tap
Tap the dangerous button when you're ready
Tap the dangerous button when you’re ready

The tutorial sequence looks better to me now. But it means nothing unless actual players verify it.

Tiles that shouldn’t be walked upon

Now that I have the actual tile assets with houses, rivers, and other stuff, it’s also the time to update the tilemap data that some objects are no longer ‘passable’. It’s kind of like setting collision boxes to these tiles but instead of boxes, a number is just assigned to each of these tiles which signifies that units can’t pass through here. Here’s a screenshot from Tiled:

Black means 'no'
Black means ‘no’

For those of you who doesn’t know, Tiled is a free software that is used mainly for tile based games or applications. I’m using a different layer with solid colored tiles that acts as a data file for the game to determine which parts are passable or not. Now that the map has blocked areas like houses and trees, I changed the solid tiles to transparent ones so that I can see through it. All I have to do then is set this layer as the topmost and paint those blocked areas with a special tile (the black one). This special tile is read as ‘unpassable’ in the game.

Unit Upgrade Items

The Upgrade screen is far from complete. For me, it’s actually the most boring thing to do. Maybe because it’s all just UI and data. It’s like working with a web application all over again with MVC patterns and shit. It’s so unexciting but it has to be done. Right now, the ‘unit upgrades’ is work in progress.

Unit upgrades using dummy icons
Unit upgrades using dummy icons

Mind Museum

I also have great news. I was invited to have a game exhibit in Mind Museum! I will showcase Warrior Defense, of course. It’s all happening on March 30. Other Filipino game developers will be there as well.


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