Smooth and Shiny Weekend

People might have already forgotten, but the One Year Game Challenge program is still ongoing. It’s an IGDA program that I handle in which developers pledged to complete their games within one year starting July 2013. The catch is they would pay a certain amount not less than P1000 to get into the program. If they release their game within the year, IGDA would return their money. Otherwise, IGDA would consider it as donation.

There are already lots of game jams and hackathons but there are only a handful of projects from these events that get revived, polished, and released. I think it’s time that we have an event for completing existing projects. I organized this experimental event called “Smooth and Shiny Weekend” that happened last Saturday, March 29 at Globe Labs. It’s a 24-hour event where developers gather in one roof and together will make polishes to their game projects. It’s kind of like a game jam but for polishing an existing game project. That’s why it’s called “Smooth and Shiny”. For now, I only invited the participants of One Year Game Challenge as it is still experimental.

The first Smooth and Shiny Weekend evaaar!
Cool poster eh
Cool poster eh

A big big thanks to Globe Labs for letting us use their place. They were really nice to us. Only 5 out of 16 of us came up on Saturday (I am a participant of 1YGC as well). Two more guys caught up on Sunday. The turn out was, well, disappointing. I shout out to those who didn’t attend. I miss you guys! But the reviews I’ve got were great. Someone mentioned that this kind of party is needed as it is hard to work on something when you have the option to procrastinate. The participants are willing to do it again even if there was a fee like maybe for food and stuff. But personally, I don’t want any form of fees. It’s just extra work for me. I like the way it is.

It was such a relaxed event. There was not much pressure, no free food to prepare, no money sponsor to satisfy. When it’s time to eat, we ordered pizza and ate together. There were lots of junk food and juice drinks. Questions were asked and answered. Some needed help and got it right away. It was a good experience, overall. I hope the participants made good progress to their projects. I certainly did. I was able to fix some bugs and prepare a presentable build for my Mind Museum exhibit for the next day. So yeah, I didn’t really stay for 24 hours. I had to head home and prepare for my exhibit (like taking a bath). Sorry guys =) I’ll make it up next time. I would like to thank Gwen for leading the event during Sunday.

So who’s up for the next Shiny Weekend? The next one would certainly be open for all.


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