Major Updates Throughout April

With so many events and interesting developments of the project lately, I forgot to post about actual updates to Warrior Defense. I work on this game almost everyday so there’s been lots of bug fixes and updates done. I’ll just post about the major ones.

Silver Knight is imba

Right after releasing the fourth experimental release, a player noticed that the game can easily be beaten by just spamming the most basic unit, the Silver Knight. This is a deal breaker and something has to be done right away! Unit stat changes are scary because a major overhaul might be needed. When one unit’s stats changes, the other might need changes, too, including the enemies. This could also mean that the existing levels might have to be updated as well. Let me tell you that level design takes too much time.

Apparently, these guys are too strong
Apparently, these guys are too strong

After a little stat changes and some play testing, I’m glad that I don’t have to overhaul the whole thing. Its stats have been reduced together with its price of creation. The current 10 levels are untouched but they are still beatable. It’s now a little more challenging but at least the required unit composition to beat levels do not remain constant.

Upgrade items completed

Boring screens are boring. The Upgrades screen is one of these, but this one is quite essential. It’s probably the only thing that would drive monetization to the game. I’m glad to say “It is done!

This includes the unit upgrades and their effects to the game system. Both consumable and non-consumable spell upgrades are in as well. The UI elements are not yet final, though. Most of the stuff in the screen are still placeholders.

Upgrades screen functionality is done
Upgrades screen functionality is done

Meadow tilemap, new UI assets and the return of the minimap

In the fourth release, you’ll notice that levels 6-10 are still using placeholder tilemap. Not anymore. After securing the town, our warriors will move to defending the meadow outskirts. This is how it looks like:

Trees, shrubs, and flowers!
Trees, shrubs, and flowers!

Notice that there’s also a minimap on the left side. The minimap has always been there even before the final tilemap assets were integrated. Its background used to be white. When the tilemap assets have been integrated, the minimap blended too much that it’s no longer recognizable. I removed it in the fourth release. But then somebody complained that he didn’t expect the map to be bigger. I had to find a way to put it back in. The easiest way turn out to be coloring the background black.

New UI assets have been integrated as well like those on the top-left and the ‘start battle’ icon.

I can attack now

In the current implementation, nothing kills mages but they have life. I’ve struggled on how to work around this. Then I realized that flying enemy units are boring. They just fly by even when they are getting shot by mages. To add more action, I’ve decided that they should attack as well. Now they retaliate when mages pick on them. See that green projectile!

I'll spit on you
I’ll spit on you

Casual Connect Asia – Indie Prize

I’m proud to announce that Warrior Defense is now part of Indie Prize in the upcoming Casual Connect in Singapore this May 20-22. It’s a games contest but at the same time, it’s also a games showcase. I’m more interested on the latter. I get to show off the game to a lot of people. Who knows, some publisher might take an interest to it. Winning an award would just be collateral damage.


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