Now that I have full mana

A lot of spells could be used and enemies could be defeated fast if you have a lot of mana. It’s also the same with game development. You can do a lot of things and finish your game fast if you have financial resources (mana). I’m proud to announce that I now have some mana from Full Mana Studios. See what I did there? I am now in joint venture with them to develop Warrior Defense. They are willing to throw money at me to develop the game while I agree that they can represent as a co-developer of the game and bring the game under their belt. I still retain the rights to the game and its creative direction. It sounds too good to be true, I know. But it’s all true and nothing is bad about it.

The game now has dev splash
The game now has dev splash

Full Mana Studios is a game development startup based in Manila. They kind of operate in the underground scene but nonetheless, it is composed of very talented people, even physicists. It is headed by a triad, 1 man and 2 women – Mars Balisacan, Jica Monsanto, and Mandee Cabato. This is actually the company that I work at as part time since October 2013. I’ve experienced the company’s rough ride. I’ve shed blood and tears with them. I swam with them in a pool. We even shared pizza together. In short, I personally know the people involved in this company. They are good people and I trust them.

It’s quite hard to look for a company that allows you to work as part time so you could work on your personal project. In translation, I was looking for a way to live so I could spend more time with my project. Full Mana was the answer. Now that I think about it, by paying me for part time work, they were actually helping me while I was still struggling with the early stages of Warrior Defense. Fast forward to now, they are fully on board to see the game get released well and on time while still letting me hold the reins. What company does that?

I’m grateful for this interesting event and I thank Full Mana Studios for the support and the trust they have on me. I thank the universe for letting this happen. Do wish us luck. There’s still so much to do. Like a 70’s rocker would say, It’s all happening!


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