Another round of updates

Aside from the usual fixes and balance tinkering, the following are the major updates to Warrior Defense.


Development of Warrior Defense has moved so fast due to Full Mana’s backing. The money that I got from them was primarily used to pay the artists. Thus, they were able to provide an substantial amount of art assets every week. The required UI assets are almost complete.

Structure buttons looks so cool now.
Structure buttons looks so cool now!
Players now have an adviser
Players now have an adviser
Elements at the top left no longer look prototypish.

Input Recorder

I think I’ve mentioned before that Warrior Defense is going to be showcased at Casual Connect Asia in Singapore. As part of preparation, I implemented an input recorder that works in the background. We can’t afford to miss valuable play information from people who would try our game this time. Eventually, we will implement a system that reads this recorded data and replays the play session.

After 3 days of Casual Connect, we were able to collect around 60MB worth of play input data. I can’t wait to implement the system that reads it and replay the game sessions. This will give us a lot of insight. For future exhibits, we would also be implementing an auto play session. Remember those old console games where it shows the gameplay when the title screen has been idle for a long time? It’s actually a good eye catcher. Showing the mere title screen is boring. We got more people to try out our game when we are actually playing it.

New Sounds

I’ve integrated lots of new sound effects and game unit responses:

  • Defender unit response when they are upgraded
  • Defender unit response when they die
  • Enemy unit sounds when they die
  • Taunting evil voice whenever a wave starts

Kongregate Release

We’ve also uploaded the game to Kongregate (click here). This is not a release. This is one of our experimental releases to get more feedback. Kongregate is a good place for the game to be grilled because there are so many gamers and they are pretty honest. They would really look for negative things about your game and are very vocal about it. I wished we did this earlier. I would have gotten more feedback and save precious time. Based on players’ comments, we still have a lot of work to do.


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