May 26-31 Updates

The major updates this week are due to observations of people playing our game and some of their suggestions during the Casual Connect. Guess we still have a lot of work to do.

Disabled building options

This baby is disabled on first level
This baby is disabled on first level

Warrior Defense is a different kind of defense game in a sense that more moving defender means better defense instead of upgraded buildings. Units are the ones stopping the enemies, not the buildings. We saw a lot of frustration from players even in the introductory level when they opt to upgrade their buildings instead of building more. I guess even some tower defense players tend to do this. Enemies can pass through easily if there are less defenders. My solution is to disable the building options on the first few waves to force players to build more buildings, instead. I hope it works.

Tweaked second level

Another player frustration that we’ve observed is in the second level. A new unit is introduced in the second level, the Fire Mage. It’s just natural then that players would to try it. But when they do, there’s a chance that they may only build one more melee building, the Dark Knight which is another expensive unit. Since only melee units can stop ground enemies, enemies can push through easily if there are few melee defenders. I tweaked the level a bit such that enemies don’t come in so fast or they are reduced at some waves.

Gray out unit selection

A player from Casual Connect suggested to gray out the sprite of unit selection if it can’t be afforded. I guess coloring the price to red is not enough visual cue that something is unusable.

Instagram filters =)
Instagram filters =)

Used a box for touch area

I’ve observed that players have a hard time tapping on elements of the game like buttons even if they are already big enough. I hypothesize that it must be the touch point. A touch point is, well, too small. It may be the case that the touch point is already outside of touch bounds when it’s released. A simple fix is to use a box or circle as representation of the touch instead of a single point. I chose box because box to box tests are more efficient than circle to box or circle to circle tests. But the implementation is not so simple at all. It’s a global change and I had to tweak some other systems as well.

Attack logic of remaining enemy units

All flying enemy units in Warrior Defense are ranged attackers. Their attacks need a little programming. Projectile asset and impact visual effect are needed as well. It looks really good, especially the largest flying unit, but I can’t show it to you yet since the unit sprites are not yet completed.

Testing new levels

Warrior Defense has 30 levels! We have publicly released only 10 so far. I’m so busy working with Full Mana’s game designer in making and tweaking the rest of the levels. How many times have I mentioned that level designing takes the most time! At least for this game.


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