The game so far

It’s been a long time since my last post. I’m so busy working on the game. It’s either I have no time to post or I’m too tired to post. Sometimes the internet is crappy when I’m editing a post. Images don’t upload. I give up and the draft just gathers dust that it eventually becomes too late to publish. I gathered a lot of backlog posts about updates, but I don’t think they are relevant now. The game has already been RELEASED! I wasn’t even able to post a formal press release.

The game is now available in Google Play. Grab it now. Download and finish all 30 levels! Some people already did finish all levels. They did it not more than 3 days. A part of me is happy. Some people do enjoy the game and are egging me for the next part (it has a good hook in the ending). A part of me is disappointed. I thought I was making challenging levels. It turns out it’s not so. But generally I’m happy. There’s this cocktail of emotions of relief, worry, and that feeling of a start of a much more difficult undertaking.

Game screenshot

I’m talking about “marketing”. Marketing is a different beast. I may be good at programming but I’m a newbie at this thing. I think I could have done more marketing while the game is still in development. I released early versions of Warrior Defense in GameJolt hoping to find audience. I did found some but not in great numbers. But hey, I’d be glad if I could make 10 people happy with my game.

In summary, I failed at looking for the watering hole. I went full blast with development without ripening my target market. I guess I didn’t have the time or I just didn’t know how. I did scour at numerous forums but it seems that nobody is taking notice. I kind of rage quit on it and focused my resources instead to “just release the game”. If you’re a marketer and you like my kind of games, maybe we could partner up.

White, red, and orange

Now that the game is out there, I found myself spending half of my time for marketing. I hate it, of course. It’s not my forte. But I want to build this habit of doing at least one marketing task per day. It could be a twitter post, facebook status, forum entry, blog post, anything. A contemporary game dev hero of mine, Cory Trese (@corytrese), also gave me a sound advise. He said to release updates every week and to put your personal email in every forum post or market place. Now I’m about to do that.


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