More writing, less complaining

I’ve been slacking with writing stuff for this blog for months now. To be honest, I’m not very good with writing and it takes me a while to compose my thoughts. I spend around 3-4 hours to finish one post. In addition, English is not really my strong language.

To remedy this, I’ve decided that I should allow myself to post short entries. It’s probably not so bad as I think it would. Content will be not as thorough as before but at least I don’t slack off with posting here at least once a week.

There’s a lot that’s happened since last post. I’ve been working hard with our next game called Academia: School Simulator. We’ve made so much progress, it’s unbelievable! This is how it looks now.

If you like this type of game, do follow us. The links are in the game website. Our company website is here.


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